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Esta es una nota de una colega que anduvo por Velatropa durante el último Festival.

Velatropa, the Eco Aldea (Eco Village) hidden in Ciudad Universitaria celebrated its fourth birthday the weekend of 25th July. This coincided with the end of the Mayan calendar for 2011 and the day known as “Day Out of Time”. The Mayans held this sacred day apart from their calendar and celebrated and honoured all life. Photographer Beatrice Murch captured some of the celebration at Velatropa and shares them with our readers here.

Walking down the entry path to the Eco Village.

Learning the ropes of Silk or Tissu acrobatics.

Everything is recycled, even just for its artistic purposes.

The gardens aren’t just for eating, but also have beautiful flowering plants as well.

Cats hold a special place in everyone’s hearts at Velatropa.

Walking down the path to the upper area.

A woman leads a group of participants in a twilight relaxation session.

The herb garden provides the settlers with a bit of spice and color to their meals.

A man stands in the sun’s path to get his daily dose of solar therapy.

The group dancing in circles around the musicians.

Bringing water to a boil over an open campfire for the evening meal.

When worlds collide. Fireworks from the Copa America final in Buenos Aires blast the skyline, as hippies from the Eco Village ‘Velatropa’ practice their yoga in the field below. River Plate stadium and Velatropa aren’t just separated by a freeway, but also by a state of mind.